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Meredith Schoenherr

About Me


Hi, I’m Meredith!  I have a passion for planning and a love for traveling, and I am here to make your travel experience as seamless and simple as possible, so you can focus solely on enjoying your trip.
Why work with me?

Working with me not only saves you time but often saves you money.  Through my partnership with Largay Travel and Virtuoso, I can offer my clients the kind of exclusive amenities, upgrades, access, and experiences not available to the general public.  I will also keep you up to date on travel rules/restrictions, and help you avoid costly mistakes.


My goal is to build amazing travel experiences for my clients, down to the tiniest of details. I do this by planning every trip as if it were my own.

My background:

The travel bug runs deep in my family.  We traveled frequently during my childhood, and the second I graduated from college (too many years ago!), I used my savings to backpack around Europe.

Since then, my most memorable travel experiences include:

  • Staring down an elephant charging our Jeep during a safari in South Africa

  • Swimming in clear, navy-blue water in the middle of the Mediterranean, with no land in sight, while on the fabulous Sea Dream off the coast of Greece

  • Jumping 7 waves at midnight in Parati, Brazil on New Year’s Eve with hundreds of others as part of the Brazilian tradition

  • Celebrating Oktoberfest in a jam-packed pavilion in Munich with thousands of locals and tourists who quickly became our new best friends

  • Rappelling down waterfalls and hiking through the rainforest on a canyoning tour in Costa Rica

All that said, nothing makes me happier than relaxing on a beautiful beach with a good book!


Prior to becoming a travel advisor, my 15 years of experience in corporate project management taught me the attention to detail, communication skills and customer service that will translate to seamless travel experiences for you.


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